Header: Lorraine Crozier - Violin

After studying piano for several years, Lorraine knew she would be happier playing the violin.  Her parents unwittingly obliged!  A native of Los Angeles, Lorraine studied violin while in high school with Audrey Call Marcelli, and with UCLA cello instructor Cesare Pascarella as a member of the Youth Symphony at the California Institute of the Arts.  In college,  Lorraine played in the UCLA orchestra during her freshman year under conductor Samuel Krachmalnick where she performed symphony repertoire as well as musicals and opera productions.  By her second year of college, a career in law beckoned, and Lorraine took a 32 year hiatus.  She couldn’t stay away, and took up playing the violin again in 2010.

During the last five years, Lorraine has studied privately with, and sorely tried the patience, of violinists Randy Fisher and Lisa Lawson.  She has attended a number of chamber music workshops, notably the California Capitol Workshop offered at CSUS each summer.  At this workshop she met all of the musician who were to become the ensemble Beethoven and Friends

Beethoven and Friends Chamber Music Group in Sacramento

While playing chamber music with Beethoven and Friends is Lorraine’s favorite musical pastime, she also performs as the concertmaster of the Rancho Cordova Civic Light Orchestra and the
West Sacramento Community Orchestra.  She has recently been appointed as a board director of the Cordova Community Council in the city of Rancho Cordova.  Lorraine's mission will be to increase arts awareness and activities in Rancho Cordova.  She is a member of the Avalon String Quartet and performs regularly with the Camerata California and Valley Choral Society ensembles, as well as the Pioneer Church chamber orchestra.  Lorraine has recently begun an intense study of Baroque music and the historical performance of this musical style.  She rehearses weekly with the Baroque-focused Camerata Capistrano at CSUS.  Lorraine has also performed as a guest with the Sacramento Baroque Soloists.

In her spare time, Lorraine teaches violin lessons and serves as the Vice President of the Rancho Cordova Civic Light Orchestra.  Her second passion - traveling, has taken her to Paris, China, Scotland, the Republic of Ireland, and Northern Ireland during the past two years with more exciting venues slated for discovery!  She is a partner in the Sacramento law firm of de Bie and Crozier, LLP.