Beethoven and Friends Chamber Music Group in Sacramento

Header: JoAnn Ross - Cello & Voice

JoAnn's parents gave her the gift of music by providing her with cello lessons and lots of support, including the occasional reminder to practice.  By high school she was performing in seven different organizations, including the Whittier Youth Symphony, the Whittier Elk’s bands and California High School bands and choirs.  She also played and sang in local productions of musical theater and at church.  

As an undergraduate and graduate student at CSULA, JoAnn played in the orchestra, sang in choirs and performed opera roles, including Queen of the Night, Lauretta, Ann Bolen and Gretel. JoAnn earned a BA in singing and was awarded Singer of the Year and Madrigal Singer of the year.  

As soloist and section leader at several landmark Los Angeles churches for over 25 years, JoAnn performed major choral works and solos by Mozart, Bach, Haydn, Britten, Faure and Brahms, including the Exsultate Jubilate and Jauchzet Gott.   

In keeping with the beginning of the “women’s movement” she returned to school to become a Podiatrist, and subsequently was in private practice or over 10 years in Monrovia, California.  With the onset of managed care she returned to school and earned a Bachelor’s in Landscape Archtecture leading to a role managing regional trail and bikeway projects for the Dangermond Group.

After moving to the Sacramento area, JoAnn sang and soloed with the University Choir and more recently with Capella Antiqua, and played cello in the ARC Community and Camellia Symphonies.  With plenty of help from her teachers, Tim Stanley and Burke Schuchmann, her skills have blossomed and as a member of Beethoven and Friends she has met the ideal ensemble of musicians to share the exquisite world of chamber music. 

She has been blessed with two delightful, fun-loving children, four wonderful granddaughters and recently, two great-grandsons.  JoAnn lives with her husband, Darrel, and their dog Toby, in Carmichael, California where she teaches cello and singing ( and