Beethoven and Friends Chamber Music Group in Sacramento

Oboe Family

John began his instrumental career in the 4th grade on the clarinet. In the 8th grade, he asked about trying the instrument he had seen two girls playing the year before. It was the oboe, and this instrument and its relatives, the English horn and oboe d’amore, have been his focus ever since.

In high school John was introduced to the art of reed making by Ray Dustéfrom the San Francisco Symphony, and as a senior he received a high-quality Lym oboe which he played for many years.

Lessons and playing were very rare after college, being interrupted by military service and supporting a family. In 2004, John found a teacher in the Sacramento area and this eventually led to participating in several college/community orchestras, and to subbing in the Auburn and Folsom orchestras. It also led to week-long masters workshops given by Tom Stacy for English horn and oboe d’amore players which he was able to attend for ten years.

John currently plays in the Rancho Cordova Civic Light Orchestra and in a woodwind quintet from the orchestra. His current teacher is Curtis Kidwell.